World Championships 2019 Results

See below for the results of our Canadian Athletes at the 2019 Ski Mountaineering World Championships in the Sprint, Individual, Vertical, Teams and Relay Races. Great job team!


Sprint Race Results

Cadet Women

Ema Chlepkova – 19th


Junior Men

Jessie McAuley – 21st

Noah Schuh – 25th


Senior Women

Kylee Ohler – 24th

Lori Anne Donald – 32nd

Katarina Kuba – 35th


Senior Men

Tyson Smith – 44th

Matt Ruta – 47th

Jean Michel Voyer – 51st

Scott Semple – 55th


Individual Race Results

Cadet Women (Short course)

Ema Chlepkova – 18th – Time: 1:30:44


Junior Men (Medium course)

Jessie McAuley – 10th – Time: 1:32:43

Noah Schuh- 24th – Time: 2:06:23


Senior Women (Medium course)

Kylee Ohler – 25th – Time: 1:53:51

Lori Anne Donald – 31st – Time: 2:07:22

Courtney Post – 34th – Time: 2:14:33

Caroline Reid – 37th – Time: 2:32:25


Senior Men (Long course)

Peter Knight – 51st – Time: 2:00:05

Tyson Smith – 53rd – Time: 2:01:26

Matt Ruta – 54th – Time: 2:02:00

Matt Reid – 62nd – Time: 2:08:53


Vertical Race Results

Jessie McAuley – 14th in Junior Men (with a time of 30:14)

Noah Schuh – 27th in Junior Men (with a time of 37:16)

Ema Chlepkova – 17th in Cadet Women (with a time of 42:22)

Kylee Ohler – 24th in Senior Women (with a time of 37:04)

Courtney Post – 30th in Senior Women (with a time of 39:57)

Katarina Kuba – 31st in Senior Women (with a time of 40:27)

Caroline Reid – 32nd in Senior Women (with a time of 41:00)

Peter Knight – 42nd in Senior Men (with a time of 30:03)

Tyson Smith – 48th in Senior Men (with a time of 31:09)

Jean Michel Voyer – 54th in Senior Men (with a time of 34:20)

Scott Semple – 57th in Senior Men (with a time of 34:55)


Teams Race Results

Senior Women

12th – Kylee Ohler and Katarina Kuba with a time of 1:14:27

16th – Courtney Post and Caroline Reid with a time of 1:27:40


Senior Men

21st – Peter Knight and Jessie McAuley with a time of 1:00:15

23rd – Matt Ruta and Matt Reid with a time of 1:08:29

24th – Jean Michel Voyer and Scott Semple with a time of 1:08:44

26th – Tyson Smith and Noah Schuh with a time of 1:12:32


Relay Race Results

Senior Women – 6th Place – Team Members: Kylee Ohler, Katarina Kuba and Lori Anne Donald

Senior Men – 9th Place – Team Members: Peter Knight, Tyson Smith, Matt Reid, Matt Ruta