2019 World Championships – Sprint Race Results

Today Canadian athletes competed in the first event of the Ski Mountaineering World Championships – The Sprint! It was a windy day, throwing all sorts of weather and conditions at the athletes.

Junior/Cadet athletes Jessie, Noah and Ema took on the qualifying round of the Sprint race first thing. Next up were the Senior Women: Kylee, Lori Anne and Katarina. The final group to go were the Senior  Men: Matt Ruta, Tyson, JM and Scott.


Ema Chlepkova – Cadet Women – 19th

Jessie McAuley – Junior Men – 21st

Noah Schuh – Junior Men – 25th

Kylee Ohler – Senior Women – 24th

Lori Anne Donald – Senior Women – 32nd

Katarina Kuba – Senior Women – 35th

Tyson Smith – Senior Men – 44th

Matt Ruta – Senior Men – 47th

Jean Michel Voyer – Senior Men – 51st

Scott Semple – Senior Men – 55th


Congratulations to Kylee for advancing to the Senior Women’s Quarter Final!

World Championship Sprint Race to be streamed live!

For live coverage of the 2019 Ski Mountaineering Championship Sprint Race tune into: https://www.skimo-villars.ch/code-live/

The event begins March 10, 2019 at 9 am local time in Switzerland. Juniors and Cadets begin at 9 am and the Seniors begin at 11:40 am.