2019 World Championships Recap

Canada ranks 13th out of 30 countries in attendance!

Switzerland, Italy and France dominate in the medal standings.


For complete details on the Canadian Results, follow this link:

Canadian Results at the 2019 World Championships

For a complete ISMF results from the 10th Ski Mountaineering World Championships, click here:

ISMF 2019 Ski Mountaineering World Championships Results


2019 World Championships – Relay Race

The final day of competition was the Relay Race. It was a beautiful sunny day to celebrate the end of the 10th Ski Mountaineering World Championships.

The Relay involves team members each completing two short climbs and descents one after another. Skiers must touch the next relay member in a transition zone. The Women’s Relay includes 3 team members and the Men’s Relay includes 4 team members.


Senior Women – 6th Place – Team Members: Kylee Ohler, Katarina Kuba and Lori Anne Donald

Senior Men – 9th Place – Team Members: Peter Knight, Tyson Smith, Matt Reid, Matt Ruta


2019 World Championships – Teams Race

Avalanche danger and worsening weather caused a major change to the Teams Race route.

Teams started in the village of Villars-sur-Ollon on foot, ran up the road to the snow and then skied from to the Col-de-Bretaye with three climb sections (including one bootpack) and two descents.


Senior Women

12th – Kylee Ohler and Katarina Kuba with a time of 1:14:27

16th – Courtney Post and Caroline Reid with a time of 1:27:40


Senior Men

21st – Peter Knight and Jessie McAuley with a time of 1:00:15

23rd – Matt Ruta and Matt Reid with a time of 1:08:29

24th – Jean Michel Voyer and Scott Semple with a time of 1:08:44

26th – Tyson Smith and Noah Schuh with a time of 1:12:32



2019 World Championships – Vertical Race Results

Athletes took on the updated Vertical Course of approximately 5 km in distance with 470 metres of elevation. Strong nordic technique was an asset today. The skin track was mostly low angle, with some steeper sections. The weather was mostly cloudy with snow on and off.

Canadian Results – Great job to all the athletes on course today!

Jessie – 14th in Junior Men (with a time of 30:14)

Noah – 27th in Junior Men (with a time of 37:16)

Ema – 17th in Cadet Women (with a time of 42:22)

Kylee – 24th in Senior Women (with a time of 37:04)

Courtney – 30th in Senior Women (with a time of 39:57)

Katarina – 31st in Senior Women (with a time of 40:27)

Caroline – 32nd in Senior Women (with a time of 41:00)

Peter – 42nd in Senior Men (with a time of 30:03)

Tyson – 48th in Senior Men (with a time of 31:09)

JM – 54th in Senior Men (with a time of 34:20)

Scott – 57th in Senior Men (with a time of 34:55)


Next up – REST DAY! Stay tuned for the Teams Race on March 15th!

2019 World Championships – Individual Race Results

Canadian racers lined up for the Individual Race on March 12, 2019 in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland.

It was a beautiful day with blue skies and some fresh snow from a big storm the day before.

The Senior Men started first at 9:20 am. They completed around 1,700 metres of elevation in total. Canadian racers included Peter Knight, Matt Ruta, Tyson Smith and Matt Reid.

The Junior Men started at 10:00 am and included Canadian Racers Jessie McAuley and Noah Schuh. The Senior Women started right on their heels at 10:03 am. Canadian racers included Kylee Ohler, Lori Anne Donald, Courtney Post and Caroline Reid. Both categories completed the “medium” course with around 1,400 metres of climbing.

The Cadet and Junior Women started at 10:45 am and included Canadian racer Ema Chlepkova, who completed a course with around 900 metres of elevation gain.


Results – Congratulations to all of our athletes!


Cadet Women (Short course)

Ema Chlepkova – 18th – Time: 1:30:44


Junior Men (Medium course)

Jessie McAuley – 10th – Time: 1:32:43

Noah Schuh- 24th – Time: 2:06:23


Senior Women (Medium course)

Kylee Ohler – 25th – Time: 1:53:51

Lori Anne Donald – 31st – Time: 2:07:22

Courtney Post – 34th – Time: 2:14:33

Caroline Reid – 37th – Time: 2:32:25


Senior Men (Long course)

Peter Knight – 51st – Time: 2:00:05

Tyson Smith – 53rd – Time: 2:01:26

Matt Ruta – 54th – Time: 2:02:00

Matt Reid – 62nd – Time: 2:08:53