Ken Jones Classic

*Cancelled for 2019*

Ken Jones Classic

Lake Louise, Alberta


The Ken Jones Classic, originally scheduled for April 13-14, 2019 has been cancelled. It will be back in 2020!



See below for details about the 2018 Edition:

Vertical Race Timeline 
10.00-11.30 am Registration, check in, and Briefing for VERTICAL race, and lift tickets for racers/volunteers issued at Lake Louise Resort base complex (upstairs).
1:00 pm Vertical course open for inspection – on hill location TBA.
2:00 pm Start Vertical race
Immediately following: Podium and prizes

Sprint Race Timeline 
10.00-11.30 am Registration and check in for SPRINT race closes and lift tickets for
racers/volunteers issued. Lake Louise Resort base complex, upstairs.
11:00-12:30 pm SPRINT course open for practice – on-site hill location TBA.
12:30 pm Briefing Sprint race
1:00-3:00 pm Begin SPRINT RACE QUALIFYING and HEATS for all categories.
Immediately following: Podium and prizes
7:00-9:00 pm Day Lodge Skimo Open House

Individual Race Timeline 
06:30 am Check in, final registration, waiver signing, bibs and lift tickets issued in Lake Louise Resort base complex, upstairs
07:00 am registration closes, Briefing for Individual race
07:30 am Individual race Competitors upload chair to Start, and volunteers upload to their stations on course.
08:30 am Individual race Start
1:30 pm Individual race Finish
3:00 pm draft Results posted/appeal periods
3:30 pm Awards ceremonies in Day Lodge, Lake Louise Base

National Team and International guests line up and race with first timers and casual
riders. Everyone is welcome to participate in each days racing. Come on out to a
spectacular Rockies location and discover the magic of ski mountaineering competition.

INDIVIDUAL Race Course Details & Competitor categories

The Ken Jones Classic ski mountaineering race will have two main race categories – Males and
Females – and will be raced over two Courses:

ELITE (approx. 5000 ft / 1500 M of vertical gain and loss,

CITIZENS, MASTERS and YOUTH (approx.. 2400 ft / 800 M).

We reserve the right to change the race courses at any time in response to weather, safety concerns, or  unexpected snow conditions.


This will be a longer and a more demanding course with around 1500m of vertical climbing and slightly more than the same amount of skiing elevation loss. It is designed for ski mountaineers that are proficient with their equipment. The course for 2018 may be slightly different than the one marked on the maps because of seasonal
snow pack variations, i.e. it may be more ‘technical’ than in past versions, have more boot packs, or take different loops. Regardless, you need to be a fit and skilled ski mountaineer for this course. The transitions will require you putting on your climbing skins and taking them off. In case of a boot-pack section you will need to strap your skis on your pack. NOTE: Expect 2 to 4 hours to complete this course!

Frontside Map

Backside Map

Larch Map

This course is designed for those that have a more relaxed attitude toward ski mountaineering and backcountry ski competition, or, in the case of competitors under the age of 16, that are restricted by the rules to the shorter course. Youth aged 16 through 19 may elect to race on the longer course, but are not required to do so.
With around 800m of vertical climbing on two uphills and two downhills it should provide you with a great challenge as well as opportunity to have fun. Try it out!

NOTE: Expect up to 2.5 hours for a real novice to complete the “CITIZENS” or “YOUTH” course!


Race Rules & Mandatory Equipment

Race Briefings: There will be three Race Course and Weather/Snow conditions briefings, one before the VERTICAL, before the SPRINT event at final registration / technical meeting, and one just before the start of the INDIVIDUAL event on Sunday.

SUMMARY RULES: based on ISMF rules for International Ski Mountaineering Competition.



All races and competitor categories have the following MANDATORY GEAR LIST (per ISMF Sport
Regulations for Ski Mountaineering Competitions). We reserve the right to check this equipment in detail before, during, and after the scheduled race.  In order to do this we need the understanding and cooperation of the participants. The better prepared you are, the more quickly the process will be finished. You are required to have all of your mandatory equipment at the gear check immediately after the race finish.

*SKI MOUNTAINEERING COMPETITION CANADA / COMPÉTITION DU SKI RANDONNÉE CANADA are allowing Telemark and Splitboard setups to be a part of their races. To be allowed, skis, boots, bindings, and poles must be a Telemark or Splitboard set-up in the eyes of the equipment judges – cross country ski equipment will not be accepted. Otherwise, all competitors must observe mandatory ski equipment items required by the ISMF rules for official races.

The Lake Louise Ken Jones Classic is a backcountry ski race with limited support along parts of its route. The equipment you carry may become crucial under certain circumstances. Organizers and officials reserve the right to add extra items to the list of required equipment if they feel it is warranted by the course or conditions, including extra clothing, headlamp, whistle, climbing harness, carabiners, etc. Transceiver, probe, and shovel MAY not be required for Vertical and Sprint races, on decision of the Referees. Food and water will be available only before the start, and after the finish of the races. Each competitor will have to carry what they feel they will need.



There will be gear prizes for the top three competitors in CITIZENS, MASTERS, and YOUTH

There will be cash prizes for the fastest four Males and Females over the Elite “RACE” course:
1.    $200 in cash
2.    $150
3.    $100
4.    $50

Total value of all prizes will be more than $2000. Keep your bib numbers as there will be draw prizes at the awards ceremony party that will take place few hours after the race.


Accommodation in and around Lake Louise, Alberta

For those skiers unlucky enough not to actually live in Lake Louise, who have to travel the day before, contact the Lake Louise Inn reservations department (1-800- 661-9237) (must quote code “SAP” and “Ken Jones Classic” to receive the rate). Try also the ACC’s partner Canadian Alpine Centre for more hostel-style rooms and rates.