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Melanie Bernier’s first ever World Cup medal for Canada + Canadian Skimo Series rankings as of Mar 2, 2014

The Canadian skimo story of this season so far is Melanie Bernier’s bronze medal at a World Cup sprint race in Val Comelico, Italy. This marks the first ever skimo World Cup podium placing for Canada!

Melanie on the very right.

Melanie on the very right.

Canadian Skimo Series news:

Canadian current skimo racing season has been severely compromised so far – two races got cancelled due to extremely low temperatures, one was very compromised due to weather as well – which leaves us only with one proper race.

Attached is a PDF version of the Canadian series rankings spreadsheet. You will need to zoom-in to see all details but in short here’s a recap of the season so far:

  • First scheduled race was cancelled – Dec 7, 2013 at COP in Calgary.
    (not included in the spreadsheet)
  • Second one at Castle Mountain was run on a very limited course – Jan 11, 2014.
    (included in the spreadsheet)
  • Third round, the Ken Jones Classic, was cancelled – Feb 8, 2014.
    (not included in the spreadsheet)
  • Fourth round, at Whitewater Resort, went as scheduled – Feb 22, 2014.
  • (included in the spreadsheet)

Rankings in short:

  • Two Americans are currently leading the men’s Canadian Series!
    Eric Carter leads Ben Parsons and Peter Knight
  • In women’s rankings this are also interesting:
    Marg Fedyna leads 19-year old Katarina Kuba and Melanie Bernier who spent most of her season racing on World Cups in Europe.

» And here’s the file, remember to zoom in – 2014 02 24 – 2014 Canadian Rankings