National Team training camp at Asulkan Hut, Rogers Pass – Nov 22-25, 2013

National Team training camp at Asulkan Hut, Rogers Pass – Nov 22-25, 2013

Words by Peter Knight – 2013 Canadian SkiMo Champ (his blog is here)

With a high pressure system locked in, we were certainly not expecting the daily refills we enjoyed last year in the Tree Triangle. A warm summer leaving the glaciers full of poorly bridged crevasses and a recent avalanche cycle led to a slight change in ambitions. But any reservations regarding ski quality vanished with the first descent down from the hut where we enjoyed some fast skiing in settled powder from snowfall earlier in the week. We then climbed up an efficiently-angled skintrack that Brad and Igor had put in the day before and skied multiple laps there until the slopes above started to warm up. Then we headed to the other side of the valley and proceeded to put more tracks down a moraine feature.


After hauling our carcasses slowly back up to the hut, it was time to begin the recovery process so that we could go just as hard the next day. Fortunately there was lots of food to eat and we enjoyed excellent sleep, going to bed early in the cozy Asulkan Cabin generously provided by the Alpine Club of Canada. We would need to bring our A-games as Melanie had just rolled up sporting her race gear.

rogers-pass-camp-3Sunday began as expected: with the boys chasing Melanie. I think everyone was able to exhibit some of their strengths. Melanie, Brad, Steve, and I were all skiing fast for the first half of the day. Marg skied up at the front during a midday lap, while Michelle, revived after a brief stop at the hut, was able to put in some additional laps above the hut to add to her impressive vertical total.

According to my legs, the end of the camp came at the perfect time after a tiring ski down the Asulkan drainage under the weight of a big backpack. I was content to simply drive away from the best skiing that I have had so far this year, while Melanie, Brad, and Michelle pushed on for another day.

Fracture line on the slope leading up to Youngs Peak.

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